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Age Hardening Ovens & Age Hardening Furnaces

  • Age Hardening Oven AMS2750E
  • Benchtop Tempering Aging Furnace
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Age Hardening also known as precipitation hardening, is a low temperature heat treating process to increase the strength and mechanical properties of many aluminum, stainless steel and super alloys used in aerospace, automotive and military components.

Aging is also used to bring certain materials to the state in which they are actually used in the product. They are often used to test and finish aluminum parts for transportation and machinery. Aging ovens are available in various sizes and models, depending on the products and industry they are used for.

Keith Company has more than 60 years of experience in the manufacturing of quality aging ovens and annealing furnaces to meet your heat treating needs - including ovens and furnaces surveyed to meet AMS2750E class 1 (+/- 5F) pyrometry requirements.

We also offer low temperature aging ovens, like the Keith Bench Top Tempering Heat Treat Furnace rated to 1250°F Rated is often a companion to the Bench Top Metal Hardening Furnace rated 2250°F. It has become the industry standard for general use in the shop, laboratory or factory where temperatures between 300°F – 1250°F ±10°F are required. These furnaces are alternatively called table top annealing furnaces, single chamber drawing furnaces, stress relieving furnaces and forced convection ovens.