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Chemical Vapor Deposition Furnaces for Carbon Nanotechnology Processes

Today's advanced materials require a range of processes. Recent advances in the use of carbon to form various nano-sized structures are quickly revolutionizing a variety of industries and products. Batteries, super capacitors, photo-voltaics, ultra-filtration, and a growing number of structural materials are all current beneficiaries of carbon nano-technology.
Keith Company has developed a system capable of controlled chemical vapor deposition on a customer's macro-scale substrates to allow high efficiency deposition of atomic carbon in controlled conditions, providing a new tool for the creation of a variety of nano-structures.
The system is capable of operating with inert or custom mixed atmospheres and features multi-channel control of the customer's proprietary gases.
Accessories include precision vaporization and mixing devices that allow catalysts and precursors to be  vaporized  and entrained with carrier gases.
Gas cooled or heated spargers provide the means to place the chemical vapor mixtures at specific temperatures into close proximity with continuously fed substrates.