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Binder-Burnout Furnaces and High Temperature Ovens

Keith offers both standard and custom ovens in pilot plant to high-volume production sizes, with gas or electric heating systems, in batch or continuous processing configurations, and with many atmosphere and process control options.
Keith has been building bench type ovens and horizontal cross flow ovens for more than 30 years.

Why a horizontal cross flow oven versus a bench type oven? The main reason is airflow. In a cross flow oven, you usually have an entire wall pushing the air with the opposite wall pulling the air. Typically this is left to right. With the bench type, the air doesn’t have as structured an air flow. With the cross flow, you get superior and more even heat distribution. We have standard sizes of 3ft x 3 ft x 3ft and 4ft x 4ft x 4ft, but have the capabilities to build them in other dimensions as needed.

The maximum temperatures of the two oven types are also different. Our bench type has a maximum rating of 350°F. The horizontal cross flow has a maximum rating of 500°F. The difference is in the thicker insulation on the cross flow oven.

Most of our oven elements are installed in a drawer. This feature allows the changing of elements quickly in case of burn out. This means less down time and more uptime. We still do recommend having one spare heater element set ready, but in urgency we can rewind your wire wound heating elements in one day.

Oven Designs

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