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Heat Treat Furnaces / Aging Ovens meeting AMS 2750E and NADCAP specifications

  • Metal Heat treat furnace with aging oven
  • Bench Top Heat Treat Furnaces (Assaying, Hardening, Tempering)
  • Fuel gas fired Bottom Drop Furnace with heated quench tank
  • Fuel Gas fired Bottom drop furnace with quench tank
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Heat treating of metals is for altering metallurgical properties at defined high temperatures with subsequent cooling.

Heat treating is a thermal process used to alter the physical properties of metals. By changing the rate of heating and cooling, the mechanical behavior of metals is easily manipulated. The different processes include annealing, aging, quenching, assayingtempering and hardening.

View the Bench Top Assaying, Hardening or Tempering Heat Treat Furnaces Specification Sheets with a full description of features and options and then either call to talk to a Keith company specialist or email to request prices, additional furnace specifications and delivery.

Keith furnaces are built to NFPA 86 specifications and meet pyrometric requirements such as NADCAP, AMS 2750 E (Aerospace Material Specifications) and MIL Spec specifications. The different specifications outline in detail the different requirements for thermal processing systems. Selecting the furnace class for temperature uniformity and instrumentation type, which guides the design of the system, these specifications also regulate inspection cycles and inspection precision. The class of solution annealing furnace (1 – 6) and the type of instrumentation (A - E) are determined by the customer and are based on the process heat treat specification for the material to be heat treated. Keith Company has experience building Class 1 solution heat treat furnaces for aluminum and magnesium alloys with Type A instrumentation according to pyrometric requirements as per AMS 2750E and NADCAP specifications. This requirements cover temperature sensors, instrumentation, thermal process equipment, system accuracy and temperature uniformity surveys.

The pyrometric specifications contained in AMS 2750 E regarding instrumentation and furnace class can be summarized as follows:

Instrumentation Type Furnace
Temperature Uniformity
  A B C D E C F
One thermocouple connected to the controller for each control zone X X X X X 1 +/- 3 +/- 5
Record of the temperature measured by the control thermocouple X X X X   2 +/- 6 +/- 10
Sensors for recording X   X     3 +/- 8 +/- 15
One charge thermocouple with record for each control zone X X       4 +/- 10 +/- 20
One over-temperature protection device for each control zone X X X X   5 +/- 14 +/- 25
            6 +/- 24 +/- 50

Our standard metal heat treat furnace systems are built to accommodate process surveys thermocouples according to many pyrometric requirements for thermal processing equipment used for metal heat treatment. Our engineering department is very familiar with many types of specifications.

Metal Heat Treating Furnaces for ferrous materials:

Contact Keith Company to order a Metal Heat Treat Furnace for your application, or to learn more about any of our products.