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Wire Wound Open Coil Elements

  • 15 KW Stainless steel for open coil heating element
  • Wire Wound Heating Element for Convection Oven
  • Air Heater
  • Air Heater Flange Middle Tubular
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Resistance coil heating elements are typically designed for heating of dry air. They range from a small 250 watt element to a 5 sq ft,180 kW 480v/ 3 phase autoclave heating element system.  Depending on process requirements like maximum temperature, heat up time, airflow, space limitations and other factors, our application engineers have a wide range of resistance wire to choose from.

Our years of proper application experience allow us to draw on the proper wire that we have available. We maintain 150 different rolls of resistance wire at all times.

Along with the open coils we manufacture, there is a perfect Temperature control package that can accommodate the resistance coils that will integrate easily with your requirements. 

Allow us to:

  • Replace the broken or burnt up coils
  • Create a spare heating system to avoid any down time
  • Allow us to work with you in the design of a new heating system

Besides having available many types of resistance wires, we also stock different ceramics (ex: Proheco, Delta Flo, Aurora Engineering) which allows our service department to give you a quick turnaround for heater repairs.